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Paweł's work is all about the autonomy of people and teams, which drives personal development, engagement and intrinsic motivation. Paweł understands it very well and can pinpoint processes and behaviors, that limit autonomy while providing alternatives that don't have such flaws. At the same time, Paweł has a really good understanding of structuring upskilling programs. He was the key person in our transformation to Holacracy at Tooploox, preparing and conducting training programs for new-joiners while providing mentoring and feedback. He was also involved in gathering and analyzing upskilling needs across the whole organization and providing internal or external training. I look forward to work again with Paweł someday in the future.

- Damian Walczak, COO and Co-Founder at Tooploox

I don't know what exactly makes a great scrum master. Maybe it's the patience? Maybe the empathy? Or maybe calmness that introduces balance in the team? I don't know. But I know Paweł has it all. He consistently introduces improvements with great persistence and commitment. He has an individual approach to each teammate what makes him not only great conversation partner but also an amazing mentor. He focuses on development - not only his but every coworker's. He has extensive experience and is always happy to share his knowledge (communication, resolving conflicts, giving feedback are just a tip of the iceberg of his skills). He has a great ability to bring out the best side of each person. He can create space in which everybody has an opportunity to be heard. He instills something in individuals that gives them strength to create self-sufficient teams. But the most important thing is that Paweł finds satisfaction in helping teams and treats it as his mission. And it's always great pleasure to work with people that really love what they're doing.

- Dorota Łata, Frontend developer at Tooploox